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Chinese Statues, Chinese Figurines, and Quality Chinese Gift Ideas

Browse our great selection of affordable and high quality Chinese statues, sculptures, and figurines, ideal as gifts for any occasion. Choose from the many artistic styles of Buddha statues, dragon statues, Foo Dog statues, Feng Shui items and other Chinese sculptures and art pieces. From the earliest Stone Age art to the Ming Dynasty, Chinese artists strived to express the relationship between mankind and nature. Recurring themes included nature, animals, trees, flowers, rocks, water, and later in history, Buddhism. Use these beautiful pieces of art to create a unique Eastern atmosphere in your home or office.

Favorites is your complete online source for affordable quality Chinese statues, sculptures, figurines and other Chinese art pieces. Give a gift from the heart and choose a piece of fine art from among the wide variety of available artistic designs and artists on our site. Make a decoration statement or show your faith by proudly displaying a piece of Chinese art which has special meaning.

Our offerings include pieces from a range of artists and artistic designs. The variety includes Buddha statues, dragon statues, Foo Dog statues, Feng Shui items, Kwan-Yin statues, jade statues, and an assortment of other Chinese inspired gifts. Each of these beautiful pieces of art can be used to create a unique Eastern atmosphere in your home or office.

A Buddha statue can inspire you to develop inner qualities to achieve happiness, good fortune, and satisfaction in your life. The title Buddha means Enlightened One or Awakened One. Our Buddha statues come in many postures, each representing a particular aspect of spirituality, for example, a lotus-seated position represents mind-body equilibrium.

Chinese foo dog statues, Fu dogs, or Chinese guardian lions, are good luck guardian lion statues. Mythical creatures, they are thought to ward of bad influences and to keep the souls in their charge safe. These guardian lions are the protectors of sacred buildings and are seen as emblems of valor and energy, and are frequently placed at the gates of temples, houses and sometimes guarding tombs. A unique and thoughtful gift, these statues make for a great pair of book ends on a book case, credenza, or mantle.

Choose from a wide assortment of dragon statues, feng shui dragons, dragon figurines, and dragon sculptures. Dragons are a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in Chinese culture, radiating energy of strength, health and protection. Perfect as a decorative piece of art in any room, it is believed having a dragon will give you good luck and add balance to your life.

With such a wide selection of great Chinese statues, sculptures, figurines, and gifts, the task of deciding which quality piece of art to purchase becomes a bit of a challenge. To choose the perfect gift for someone, keep in mind the person’s personality and religious beliefs, and get the piece of art which reflects that best. If you do that, your gift should be a wonderful success.
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